John Dickinson

Systems Administrator

John Dickinson graduated from Nottingham University and obtained his DPhil from Oxford University. He has over 15 years experience working in IT, Including several years as a systems administrator and Internet protocol researcher for Nominet UK where he was part of the team that oversaw the operation of the UK’s ccTLD infrastructure.

He specialises in DNS and DNSSEC. John was the first person to write a DNSSEC signer that used keys stored in an HSM (this code now forms part of NLNetLabs LDNS library). He was closely involved in the design and initial development of OpenDNSSEC and also responsible for adding DNSSEC support to libdkim, part of dkim-milter. He was also one of the first to demonstrate how quickly the 2008 Kaminsy attack on DNS could be performed. More recently he has been involved in developing Hedgehog, was a member of the Root KSK Key Rollover design team and currently a member of RSTEP.