Airport Extreme

I have never had much luck getting good wireless reception in my house. Until now I have used the wireless access point built in to my ADSL router. I have tried products from Vigor, Linksys and Dlink and reception has always been terrible unless you are working in the same room as the access point. Even in the lounge, one room away from the access point, through a thin partition wall (it used to be all one room) I could only get intermittent reception at best.

So today I gave in and got an Apple Airport Extreme. I should have known that Apple would make yet another great product. First impressions are that I now have a strong, reliable signal throughout the house and what is more it was a pleasure to configure. Compared to the web pages in the Linksys and Vigor products I have tried the Apples Airport Utility is really simple, well designed and as with all Apple stuff it “just works!”

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  1. hey john,

    and there is thought it was just you causing a gravitational lensing effect 😉

    Have you got 802.11n on your laptop?


    ps, what phone have you got? I’m sure there must be a business tax deductable way of getting an iphone?

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